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  • What areas do you build in?
    We have offices located in Bendigo and Ballarat VIC, and Kingscliff NSW. Typically, we take on projects up to 1-hour drive from these locations. Depending on the scope and size of the project this may change slightly so please call to discuss if you are on the outer edge of this radius.
  • Do you do renovations or extensions?
    If you are considering a renovation or extension and looking to invest in energy efficiency and comfort improvements, it is certainly something we would love to be a part of. If your renovation is simply to add some rooms, and doesn't involve much work or investment in energy-efficient design, this may not be something we can fit into our busy build schedule..
  • Whats involved before we start building?
    Clients engage in a design and documentation agreement that covers all design work, engineering, client selections, and other documentation required for a building permit and contract. If your parcel of land required a planning permit, we can allow for and engage a planning consultate to help streamline the entire process. This process takes approximately 9 - 12 months depending on the scope of the project.
  • I have plans and am ready to build. Can you provide a quote?
    There are a few considerations to this answer subject to your specific situations. 1. Typically our lead time to start construction is over 12 months. This allows us time to complete a design & documentation process. If you are at the end of this process with an independent designer we may not be ready to build your home for over 12 months. Does that suit your expectations? 2. Does your project have specific energy-efficient design principles? If so, we would be able to add value as a builder, and look forward to being considered for your project. 3. If a client supplies third party plans and documentation, we will engage a 'pre-contract' agreement. The fee for this agreement enables us to invest the amount of time and resources to your project in further developing your build specifications and engage in any outstanding documentation. This fee is calculated on a job by job basis.
  • Do you have standard designs for us to build?
    Each of our homes is a custom one-off design to suit the landscape, clients needs, energy efficiency, and budget. For this, we have found that starting with a site visit, a conversation and a blank page has always lead to the best result. We encourage clients to be open to a fresh design approach using our experienced design team to achieve just that.
  • How much are your homes?
    Determining the price range for a custom home requires us to understand some general information about the project scope. 1. Size of home and number of rooms 2. Some images of desired look and materials 3. Level of thermal performance 4. Any site conditions....slope, access? 5. Expectations of quality of fixtures To discuss this and for us to respond appropriately it is best to book a quick 10 min chat to see how your ideas will fit within how we build. Often for us to give the best advise we also like to know your desired price range. Don’t hold this so close to your chest. Be honest so we can give some constructive feedback. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please fill out our contact form or call us on the numbers below. We would love to chat.

Ballarat, VIC

Office: 03 4311 1899

Sales: Scott 0401 847 484

Bendigo, VIC

Office: 03 5441 5921

Sales: Sharon 03 5441 5921

Kingscliff, NSW

Scott 0401 847 484

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