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Our homes demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency, through the use of passive design and Passive House building principles.

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About us

Passive Builders is a design and construct firm specializing in energy-efficient design for new homes and major renovations.

Our approach is to implement passive solar and Passive House design principles to create a home that offers the best value comfort, efficiency, and quality.

If you're looking for a high-performance home we have qualified Passive House consultants in each location who can help take your design to the Passive House standard.

Comfort, efficiency, quality. Our homes are designed to last generations. Specifically, for people wanting to build their dream home, we focus on performance and customization to do just that.


For us, it's the bones of our homes that make them uniquely superior. Quality starts from the structure and finishes with the final touches.


Our building systems have been developed through the understanding of building science and Passive House. This approach ensures that your home can endure climatic extremes whilst offering comfort and efficiency to last the test of time


Our philosophy

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Powering our homes.

We believe that PV Solar is the future of your homes primary energy source and wherever possible specify all-electric homes. In doing so we have moved away from specifying gas reliant appliances.


Typically we include induction cook-tops, heat pump hot water, ducted or split system air conditioning for heating and cooling, while still installing wood heating when clients desire.


With the growing desire to leave the city for a tree change lifestyle, we are finding a higher enquiry to build 'off-grid'. Where power is not available and or cost-prohibitive, an off-grid home is a perfect union with our energy-efficient values.





Let's get to know each other.
It is important to us that we understand the intent of your new home build.
We discover what is important to you and ensure our building philosophy can meet your needs.


Design Development

Concept plans are developed and presented with 3D modelling.
We will start to develop basic specifications and material selection.


& Quote

At this stage, we will commit to working drawings and documentation.
A detailed specification will be developed and fine-tuned.
Plans and detailed specification are presented with a fixed price quote.


Contact & Permit

Clients are presented with a HIA standard building contract after which we submit for a building permit.



Time to build and see your dreams become a reality.

Regular site visits are welcome with your supervisor. 


Move in and Warranty

After living in your new home for 3 months your house would have settled, and there may be signs of small cracks in paintwork or other minor issues that need attention.

Discover our unique building systems
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