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A healthy home is a mould-free home

Preventing mould is a challenge many homes face. However, there are building methods that can help achieve a mould-free home. How is this done?

First, we need to understand how mould grows and in what environment.

Mould likes warm damp surfaces that have some sort of porous surface. Add a lack of ventilation, and mould is certainly going to grow in your home, whether you are in Bendigo, Ballarat or Kingscliff.

How can we avoid mould? Below are 3 tips for building a mould-free home.

1. Ventilation.

· Ventilate wet areas. But simply adding a vent to push humid air into the roof cavity is just moving the risk elsewhere. Ventilating properly means to the outside of the home.

· Ventilation is more effective in wet areas when air movement is at a lower volume over a longer time frame. There are systems available that include a humidity sensor turning ventilation on and off and taking the guess work out for home owners. This is in contrast to the traditional high volume extraction method.

2. Keep surfaces warm.

· Eliminating a dew point prevents condensation. We have all seen a pool of water on a window sill in winter. This is due to the surface temperature of the window being below dew point overnight and condensation forming.

· The water generally dries through out the day but what if those dew points are within walls? Surfaces such as steel columns are quick to cool and without appropriate insulation, areas around them are at risk of mould growth.

· Proper insulation and elimination of thermal bridging incorporated at design-stage can reduce the risk.

3. Vapour control.

· Mould growing inside the wall cavity or roof space can be devastating. There are building materials that will protect the building envelope. We use Proclima Australia products specifically produced for our climate. See for more information.

A mould-free home will ensure the durability of the building structure and a healthy indoor air quality. Using the right building system can future-proof your home.

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